Through Continuous Architecture, we’re promoting several mindset shifts:

  • Architecture is a set of activities that are performed in teams where we should architects

  • A dialog zone must be created so the team can exchange and debate on architecture. It’s a place where the intentional architecture meets the emerging design.

Agile ceremonies that we know such as daily scrums, sprint planning …​ put some discipline on the delivery operating model. Continuous Architecture rituals are inspired from this idea: we believe that having regular ceremonies with clear attendees and agenda at the team level will help to practice architecture collectively.

So far, we have documented several rituals

Team autonomy readiness

Architecture Kata

Weekly Architecture Meeting

Ritual to evaluate the team’s level of readiness for autonomy in taking architecture decisions based on the context

Architecture Katas are about to repeat the architecture "movement" often enough to memorize it and perfect it over time.

Weekly ritual to review on going architecture decisions and focus on architectural problems

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Architecture peer review

Architecture workshop

Weekly touch point to leverage the architecture community in a safe environment on given problems

Workshop to conduct with the team to define the product architecture

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